1. onewinyoureyes:
    panda sushi D: yeah! we will def at schools at the same times some days i'll have to set up Skype of something on this computer and we can talk through that during class ~ maybe sometimes because i should listen XD classes be harder from here on so thats sad D: but for sure we can chill together when we are not in class! and maybe if your classes aren't too big i could come to one and see whats its like to be you :P

    being me is great! cute outfits, great hair, (pretty) clear skin
    downsides: i can’t see for shit, i’m always sleepy and i’m always cold. 

    skyping during class? shame on you lol. but i shouldn’t talk i like, never pay attention. when we’re officially done our schedules, let me see yours and we can see when we can meet up!! :D

  2. i feel bad for sulli. people are spreading rumours that she’s pregnant. really? that’s how your going to spend your time? bullying a 20 year old girl? 

    if she’s going to be happier without people saying negative things towards her, then yeah, let her leave. let her be happy holy shit.

  3. the cute and awkward Nahman Jayden for rainaddict​ (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)

  4. seungho for yangseunghos

  5. rurouni-panda:

    I love Wednesdays.

  6. officialpigeon:

    "Money can’t make you happy"


  7. jongup’s spirit animal